Sunday, 12 October 2014

Where have I been? | UPDATE

Wow, it has been just under 2 months since I have posted on my gorgeous blog and if I am honest, I am surprised I even have any followers left, I have been such a bad blogger and for that I cannot apologise enough. So I thought I would come on today and just explain whats been going on the past weeks.

So end of August was a pretty rough time, I lost someone in my family and obviously it was a very emotional time meaning blogging really was the last thing on my mind (how I hate to say it), following that event, I then went on a holiday for a week, but because the weeks before hand had been pretty traumatic for me, I had no blog posts prepared meaning nothing to post whilst away. It s a poor excuse but the wifi wasn't strong enough for me to write and edit posts whilst away...

Then I came back from my holiday and within 5 days of coming home, I was moving to University, meaning packing up my whole life and moving to Bath. It has been a roller-coaster journey, its crazy! I can't believe I am about to start my 4th week here, however since being here I have learnt how much work and reading I am having to do - naively didn't quite expect this much so whenever I have been having a quiet moment, I have found that I don't want to be sat at a screen typing some more, meaning no blog posts.

So, what's next for That Curly Girl? I am going to try and post something once a week and that will most likely be on a Sunday and anything else I have the time to throw out there in between if I fancy, you will have to bare with me in getting myself back into this but I will get there.

To end this blog post, I thought I would share a little snippit and a few piccies of my Freshers week with my new flatmates!

What do you want to see posted from me next? (leave any requests in comments or on twitter @thatcurlyygirl)
What have you been up to whilst I have been so absent?