Thursday, 31 July 2014

JICA Lash Extensions | Review

The brand Jica, was one I hadn't heard of, but as soon as I had discovered them and read more about their products, I HAD to try some. They incredibly kindly contacted me and asked if I would like to review a couple of their products for them, which is what led me to discover Jica Lash...and its safe to say, there is no product I would rather use.

When I saw the leaflet that came with the product, I have to be honest I was skeptical as it says 'Long Thick Lashes Naturally' which to me, seemed like something which could never happen without the help of false lashes (which I cannot stand).

The product is made solely from natural lash fibres, allowing length, thickness and natural beauty to be added to your lashes. It allows you to have long lashes, with tonnes of volume without the hassle of false lashes, instantly. Every girls dream right?

And when I say without the hassle of false lashes, I totally mean it. Alls you have to do is apply the Jica Lash to lashes whilst your mascara is still wet and you can reapply your mascara and repeat the procedure depending how dramatic/voluminous/lengthened you want your lashes to look!

BUT, for me the most amazing thing, without a shadow of a doubt is the pure ease of taking it off. I just use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and it comes off just like your normal mascara. Another bonus, is the fact that contact lens wearers can enjoy these gorgeous natural lashes too because it is made from plant fibres meaning if anything gets in the eye, they just instantly dissolve.

Although the bottle appears on the smaller side, Jica Lash is said to last 4 months if used daily so for £13.95, you are totally getting your moneys worth as I have never known a mascara to last that long, and with not needing as much mascara on my lashes, I am not needing to buy mascara anywhere near as often!

One thing to be careful about, is because the product is lose natural lash fibres, you need to apply the product looking down over a mirror because a small amount of fall down can happen onto the cheek, I normally apply my eye makeup before doing the rest of makeup since using this product so anything which may fall down can be cleaned before my makeup application.

Jica Lash with Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Jica Lash with Rimmel Kate Moss Mascara

For me, as you can see from the pictures, this product gives me long, full and voluminous lashes which I never thought I would have seeing as they are blonde so it is totally up my street! I am totally impressed and in love with Jica Lash and cannot believe how amazing the product is, I LOVE using it everyday its my favourite part of my makeup routine, I would never not have this in my makeup bag now...forever repurchasing.

Have you tried Jica Lash?
Do you like the sound of it?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

TUESDAY'S TOP 5 #1 | Cheeks

Welcome to my weekly series, which I am so so SO excited to start. I don't personally like the idea of monthly favourites, I find them over powering and don't really know where to begin in digesting all the favourites people have. So this is where my idea for Tuesday's Top 5 came from. Every week I will share my top 5 in something, a type of beauty product, skincare, haircare, fashion....anything I am loving that week!

So this week I am starting with my top 5 cheek products, I love love love cheek products! I could just buy them forever. All the different shades and types and textures, I just love it and feel so satisfied when I am wearing my new cheek product! These 5 honestly I use almost everyday (because I think I would look silly with 3 different blushers on!), I love them all so much, and I would never be without them in my makeup bag!

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush - Soft Cardinal
M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish - Lightscapade
M.A.C Matte Powder Blush - Melba
Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush - Witty Peach

First up is the Max Factor Creamy Blush in the gorgeous peachy/pinky shade of soft cardinal. This is perfect for this time of year, cream products during the summer months are just perfect because it gives such a gorgeous glowy slightly flushed look instantly. This was the first cream blusher that I tried as they did scare me a little bit but, I have to say I am totally in love, its just effortless. The packaging compared to all the other cheek products is incredibly small, and I don't really dig then way the product is presented at all, but the product inside is win some you lose some.

Next in line is the M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish, I have never been someone to wear highlighters but whilst at duty free earlier this year, I couldn't resist when I spotted this beauty and since then, there hasn't been a day where I haven't worn it. It gives you a glow which totally brightens up the complexion and never ever feels cakey and over the top on my skin which has been a very common feeling on highlighters I have previously tried. Its an absolute gem and combined with the Max Factor cream blush...well there are no words, its the perfect duo. The next product is also from M.A.C and it is a gorgeous matte blusher in Melba. Its a soft coral peach shade, which I love wearing when the weather warms up with a cheeky bit of fake tan on as it looks totally gorgeous on more tanned skin!

Next is my new favourite bronzer which I haven't put down since I bought it in London, its the Radiant Glow Bronzer by Liz Earle. It is a multi-toned bronzer which looks good on a huge variety of skin tones which adds luminosity to the complexion and a subtle bronzed appearance. Its not a cakey formula and isn't too orange and looks incredibly natural and glowy, which for me is the perfect type of bronzer to have in any collection!

Finally, is my all time favourite blusher by Estee Lauder in Witty Peach. It is an ombre blush, which has a peach tone on the right which as it moves across to the left of the palette gets lighter into a more highlighted shade and when all swirled together creates the most gorgeous shade on the cheeks. It is an incredibly long wearing blush so when the weather does warm up it is the most perfect blush to have on!

What cheek products are you loving right now?
Any cheek products you would recommend (as I am always on the look out!)?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm Back! | Update

Greetings my lovely blogger chums, after a long but glorious 2 weeks of sun, sea and sand! 

I firstly want to apologise for the lack of blog posts. I had at least 3 a week planned but unfortunately the internet was so slow they took forever to be able to update/edit and I really did just give up.

Secondly, I have a could of Spain related posts coming up in the near future to give you a taste of the wonderful holiday I have just come back from!

With 2 weeks away, I have been able to spend a lot of time thinking about my blog. I started it in March and I seriously can't believe how much I love doing it and also how many wonderful followers I have!! This has led me to thinking I need to be a little bit more organised and structured. Since beginning my blog, I have had exams and been away, meaning my posts have been random and a little bit all over the place. So whilst on holiday, I have planned a blogging schedule.

My blogging schedule is going to be reviewed on a monthly basis because over the next few months I have a lot of changes in my life with moving to University so I don't want to commit to something and then end up not doing it.

So I have created a schedule for August where I am going to post 4 times a week.

Tuesday - Top 5 Tuesday (a new weekly series)

Thursday - a beauty related blog post

Friday - Guest Post Friday (name tbc, but the chance to share some amazing bloggers post on my blog)

Sunday - lifestyle post

With this new schedule I have tried to provide a bit of variety in what I'm posting rather than just doing the same old all the time.

I hope you all like the sound of my schedule plans and are excited as I am for the new series I will be posting as well!

What have you been doing the last few weeks?
What are your thoughts on my new blogging schedule?? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

GUEST POST #2: Top 5 Real Techniques Brushes | The Two Twenty Somethings

We're a big fan of the Real Techniques brushes over at The Two Twenty Something's so when we were kindly asked my Jess to do a guest post on her blog we felt it would be a great opportunity to express our love for these brushes by doing a post on our top 5.

1. Blush Brush

We both get so much use out of this one, not only is it great for applying blusher due to it's densely packed bristles but the tapered tip works perfectly for contouring, applying just the right amount of colour where you need it. This brush applies powders and creams equally well too which takes the fuss out of choosing what brush to use with different products.

2. Deluxe Crease Brush

This one is only available in the eye starter pack and as the name suggests is used for applying the colour to the crease of your eye, we also love using it for blending out eyeshadow and it's perfect for applying concealer under the eye too. So it gets a well-deserved space in our top five due to its multiple uses. Rebecca likes to use it to apply concealer to blemishes and imperfections too as it's like a mini buffing brush!

3. Brow Brush

Now we know a lot of people say this brush is too big and bulky for a brow brush but we really like it. It makes filling in brows no effort at all and the slanted angle is perfect for creating that fierce brow arch. This is also only available in the eye starter pack but it's definitely worth picking up.

4. Setting Brush

Danielle doesn't own this brush but Rebecca thinks it's fab to apply or set concealer and powders under the eyes and is great for adding and blending powder specifically to areas where you need it like the T-zone. It's also good for adding concealer to larger areas and is great for contouring too. Another multi-use star. 

5. Expert Face Brush

We think this is a fantastic brush and we both use it for foundation, but it's also great for cream blush as the head is small enough to add a perfect flush to the apples of your cheeks. Again, because the bristles are dense, it takes so much work out of blending products and spreads them well so we've found our foundations lasting for longer.

We hope you enjoyed finding out which Real Technique brushes we love and recommend,  and you can find us at The Two Twenty Somethings if you liked this post. We'd like to thank Jess again for giving us this opportunity to share a post with all her lovely followers and hope to return the favour to her as we think her blog is fab!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

GUEST POST #1: Summer Skin Favourites | BeckyLovesXO

Hello lovely blogger chums, this post written by the gorgeous Becky, is the first of a few guest posts I have lined up. When your reading this lovely post, I will be sunning myself up in Spain and I thought whilst I'm away, I would throw some different posts into the mix and to share the love to some truly wonderful bloggers! I hope you enjoy the guest post series I have lined up! 

First of all as a guest blogger on Jess's Blog let me introduce my self. I'm Becky and I am a 23 year old beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger over at BeckyLovesXO. A huge thanks to Jess for letting me post on her blog.

Summer skincare is super important as we all want to look good in our shorts or dresses, so it is important our skin looks its best. I am going to take you through some of my favourite products that I use to get my skin summer ready. 

It is so important to remove make-up before going to bed at night. I am guilty myself of not always removing it, although I try my best to remember, sometimes I'm just lazy. My favourite cleanser to use in the summer is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I find this product great in the summer as it is super lightweight on the skin due to just feeling like water. I hate anything too heavy on my skin in the summer, so this is perfect for me. It is great for removing make-up although waterproof mascaras may need a little extra help.

Everyone needs a good exfoliator and my favourite one of all time is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. Apart from smelling absolutely divine it is a really effective product. I tend to get patches of dry skin and this is great for keeping them at bay. It's a real struggle not to eat this product as it just smells so good, it smells exactly like maple syrup! I tend to use this every time I shower and always give my knees and elbows an extra scrub as this is where my skin can feel rough.

Summer is the season when we all dig out the sandals so it is important our feet look good. That's where the Soap and Glory Heel Genius steps in. This is an amazing foot cream although I tend to use it more like a foot mask. I will pop a thick layer all over my feet before bed then pop some socks over the top and when I wake up in the morning my feet always feel lovely and smooth. If you have some really dry/hard patches it may take a few goes before you notice a real difference but this stuff works wonders. I always suffer with dry skin on my feet and this product leaves them in the best condition possible.

A face product I love is the Nspa Replenishing Moisture Mask. This is a lovely product and it leaves your face feeling smooth and hydrated. I tend to use this if I have been out in the sun a bit long and my face feels slightly tight to add some moisture back in. If my face is feeling especially dry, I will also place a thin layer on before bed and sleep in it before cleansing my face in the morning. 

My final product is The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter. I am a huge fan of the body butters from The Body Shop and find them all really moisturising on the skin. This one is especially nice in the summer because as well as moisturising, it also adds a gorgeous shimmer to your skin that looks amazing with a tan. This will definitely be going in my holiday bag.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my post and again a huge thanks to Jess for having me as a guest blogger.

You can find my blog at BeckyLovesXO.
I am also on Twitter BeckyLovesXOX.


Monday, 14 July 2014

The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur Universal Primer | First Impressions

For me primers are something very hit and miss. I sometimes really can't be bothered with the extra step in my makeup routine which adds a few valuable minutes to my already fairly time consuming morning makeup routine, basically I'm lazy. I have previously tried a number of primers such as the Clinique Super Primer Face Primer and Benefit The POREfessional, but despite the raves about POREfessional, I didn't like it and found my skin kept breaking out, and for me as a student, £24.50 is a lot for a primer.   I guess, I have, well had a hate hate relationship with primers.

However, after watching Velvet Gh0st rave about the new (ish) The Body Shop Instablur Primer, I felt that there was a small glimmer of hope in the fact that a primer out there may work for me. If you have seen my London Haul Post, you will see that the Instablur Primer did manage to slip into my shopping basket. As you can imagine, I was pretty skeptical about this, but after about a week of using, I am super a good way, so I thought I would share with you my first impressions.

My initial reaction of the product on my face was that it was a very light primer, that absorbed into my skin very quickly and it felt very smooth and almost velvet like on the skin. It then made the application of my foundation effortless, I have tried it with a number of different BB creams, tinted moisturisers and foundations and it worked beautifully will all of them.

The primer has a lot of claims in what it does for the skin, it says it controls shine for 12hours, reduces the appearances of pores, helps hide blemishes, unifies the complexion and helps extend the makeup to last all day. To me this seemed like a lot of claims for a primer to do. However, after my first usage, I could definitely see some differences. My makeup lasted a lot longer and looked more fresh than it ever has done at the end of the day. Also with being someone who suffers from regular breakouts and seems to always have blemishes, my makeup seemed to last longer on those areas and not disintegrate anywhere near as much since using this primer. And as claimed, my complexion did look and has looked much more unified, and less patchy at the end of the day rather than having my usual dry patches, oily patches and some areas with much more makeup on than others. 

However for me, controlling shine for 12 hours and reducing the appearance of pores aren't two things that are of a concern for me or things that I struggle with, meaning that I obviously didn't notice any change in those areas so I cannot comment on how well the primer performs in that respect. 

On a whole, I have noticed changes in the way my skin looks at the end of a day and made the application of base products, effortless. Since using this primer in the last week and on first impressions, I am really impressed and my original hate hate towards primers, may be turning into much more of a love. 

Have you tried this primer - what did you think of it?
Are there any other primers you would recommend for me to try?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Throwback Thursday: a different week...a different life.

It is SO scary to think that this time 2 weeks ago, I was completing my last school music concert with my friends who I studied music with. It was probably the most emotional night ever, saying goodbye to the best teachers and the bestest friends knowing I would no longer spend nearly everyday with them. And then to say goodbye to my entire year at school and 6th form, was my Leavers Ball. It is so scary to think, I have spent the last 7 years with them, and although not loved and got on with everyone, basically grown up with them before we all now embark on our new adventures to University.  It was 2 weeks ago, I finished my exams, completed the final concert and went to my leavers ball. 2 weeks later, I am embracing my very long summer and feel like I am living a completely different life. CRAZY.

Whats been happening in your life over the past 2 weeks?
What are you planning to do this summer?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Skincare Routine.

WARNING - this is going to be a lengthy post...

Recently I have been having a lot of trouble with my skin, it is blemished and congested, red sore and just has been really getting me down. Over the years to try and combat the problem which only seems to be getting worse, I have tried tonnes of different products, brands and lines released in the hope that my skin will improve. If you looked at me you wouldn't think my skin to be horrendous but everyone is more harsh on themselves and as a blogger and just as a normal female human being, I want my skin to look the best it possibly can. 

After much deliberation and confusion regarding my skin, I decided that I would go to the Liz Earle counter after hearing such good things, and speak to someone. She gave me some advice and on my skincare and also makeup and after only using the products and routine for about 2 weeks, I am already noticing a HUGE difference and felt like I had to share this. 

*Before I go into the products I use, I want to say these products I have bought and cater for my sensitive, dry and incredibly blemish prone skin. These are products I have found work for me and help my skin, and may or may not suit other skin types.*

I think it is becoming increasingly apparent how important it is to thoroughly take off makeup and to do this I have 2 favourites, and I couldn't live without either of them. The first one is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. The idea of this product is that you cleanse by rubbing the cream product all over your dry skin with makeup on, which gently removes all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities.  You then use the muslin cloth which comes with it to polish your skin as the cloth helps remove dead skin cells and reveal the clean and radiant skin underneath. You can try this product from just £3.25 which gives you a 15ml tube of the cleanser and 1 muslin cloth. At that price, it is totally worth trying! 

My second favourite is The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. When I first read about this, I was genuinely scared. A cleansing oil sounds very daunting and my initial reaction was oil on my face is surely going to make my skin more oily. Wrong. This is the most silky (as it says in the name), amazing makeup remover. You rub it between your hands to make it slightly warm, and then just rub on your face. It removes waterproof makeup (even the Benefit They're Real Mascara) like an absolute dream. It smells amazing too and I have honestly never got a full face of makeup off so quickly and effortlessly in my life. My skin feels so soft and clean when I have used this - it is just amazing. It also only costs £10.00 for a 200ml bottle which I think is a really reasonable price for such an amazing product - I really wish I had discovered this sooner. 

The next step I do every night, is massage oats with water onto my face. After speaking to the wonderful lady at the Liz Earle counter, she recommended using oats as an incredibly gentle exfoliation because my skin is so sensitive towards other products. The oats release a natural protein to the skin meaning a white liquid comes out as you exfoliate and some peoples skin, much like my own, need more protein to help the skin feel less congested. I have honestly seen some really positive results from this which I wasn't expecting as I was a tad skeptical. This is such a cheap way to give your skin a really great natural and gentle exfoliate and is completely 100% natural with no added ingredients. 

I then cleanse my skin, using the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  This literally, gives your skin an instant boost. It soothes any soreness the skin may have and feels like such a luxurious product to go onto your skin. After using this my skin instantly looks more radiant and glowing and even my mum has noticed the difference in the radiance in my skin since using it. I pour this onto the Boots Oval Cotton Wool Pads which are much bigger than the average cotton wool and I much prefer this when cleansing. The tonic comes in the form of a normal bottle where you pour the product onto some cotton wool, but also in the form of a spritzer. The spritzer can be used over the top of your makeup to refresh it or even on your body and of course as your normal toner. You can also try the toner for £5.50 where you get a 50ml bottle, a great way to test out a great product. 

I then follow toning with my moisturiser. I normally use the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser in normal/combination, however with the bad condition my skin has been in recently I have opted for the dry/sensitive one they do in order to help replenish my skin. They also do one for combination/oily skin types too. This moisturiser is filled with rich actives to soften, smooth and condition the skin for the healthiest glow possible. For me the moisturiser is perfect, its not too rich (even the dry/sensitive one) and leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day because even now at 3pm when I got up at 9am, my skin still feels soft and moisturised and has a healthy glow to it. The moisturiser is also available in a smaller size and a 15ml tube in all the different skin type formulas is £7.50. 

The final step of my skincare routine is because I suffer from blemish prone skin. I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I often get blemishes on my skin but sadly they often scar my skin too meaning I am left with a dark mark on my skin for quite a long time, so I use the lotion every night in order to help fade the marks. I can see results from using this the morning after putting it on, my skin feels and looks less red and spots diminished. The fading of marks is a more long term result and doesn't happen over night but after a good few weeks of using this I have noticed a remarkable improvement. This 30ml bottle costs £9.00, which for an overnight skin treatment I think is a really reasonable price. 

The final FINAL thing I do is use my Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. This is the final final thing because I only do this once or twice a week depending on how my skin looks and feels and how busy I am during that week. My skin can often feel very congested which can contribute to the type of acne I have, so doing this exfoliate once or twice a week combined with the daily exfoliation from the oat has helped second to none with making my skin feel less congested. You can get this exfoliator in a 15ml tube for as little as £5.50 which is exactly what I have done in order for me to be able to take it on holiday - it is the perfect size!

Well that concludes my skincare routine, I give you 100 Curlygirl brownie points, a high five and a mahooosive thank you if you have actually sat and read and made it to the end of this blog post because this was a seriously lengthy one! But I felt so excited about all of this and I had so much to say and after seeing such amazing results, I really wanted to share this with you all.

What skincare products are you loving at the moment - any recommendations for me?
Have you tried and loved Liz Earle - what are your favourite products?

Monday, 7 July 2014

M.A.C Lipstick Lookbook ft. Elltell97

So last Sunday me and my best friend did a video/blogpost collaboration, where we did a Makeup Menu #3/tutorial, and so carrying on from this we decided to make weekly collaborations together. Each Sunday/Monday Eleanor will post a video on her channel EllTell97 for her part of the collaboration and I will then follow that with a blog post. I think this will be something really fun to do, and will bring exciting videos and blog posts each week, a bit different from both our usual activity.

Ramble over, this week I decided I wanted to do a post on our M.A.C lipstick collection, and Eleanor had the idea of creating this into a lookbook...slightly different to the usual kind. So we did, and with it being a gorgeous summer evening tonight, we took to the woods behind my house and did some picture taking and filming and ended up with a M.A.C lipstick lookbook!

The lipsticks shown from left to right:

1. Satin Myth - this is one of Eleanor's lipsticks, when she first bought the colour she loved it, however now not so much. It is a very nude shade, perfect if you are going for a very natural look but she went off this shade because she says she has quite small lips meaning this colour didn't help define them in any way but on others it looks really lovely - definitely one to try in store first!

2. Speed Dial - this is one of Eleanor's lipsticks, and this is one of her favourite M.A.C lipsticks. She finds it the perfect shade for summer and helps to make a day to day look, look fabulous! She finds it looks great paired with a range of outfits and is suitable for both day and night with it being not too heavy and not too pale and very long lasting. One she would recommend to be purchased!

3. Fanfare - this is the perfect pink but not too pink with a hint of yellow and redy/nude thrown in lipstick. Its perfect for everyday wear and I absolutely love it, I have worn it nearly everyday since I bought it. It looks great with any outfit, it really is so wearable. Its a creme-sheen formula, so it feels super moisturising on the lips too!

4. Lady Danger - this is one of Eleanor's lipsticks and for her she adores this shade. It compliments her face perfectly and is the perfect shade for an evening out and looks especially amazing with a black dress as it provides a great contrast with the colours and looks super elegant. She would totally recommend this to have in the collection!

5. Shy Girl - this is my go to nude lipstick when I don't know what to wear, it has a hint of coral tones in it meaning that it adds a slight pop of colour. It looks great with any eye makeup and any outfit and is so easy to throw on. It again is a creme-sheen formula so really lovely and moisturising.

6. Samel Croisiere (discontinued I think) - this is an orange shade with a hint of shimmer in it, its so bold and bright it is perfect for this summer time of year. It looks great with a tan and also the type of colour perfect to be worn on a night out.

7. Hot Gossip - this is probably the pinkest lipstick I own as pink tones don't really suit me, however I liked this lipstick due to it being on the darker plumy side, it is very much a my lips but better kind of colour, one that in my opinion is essential in everyones makeup collection.

8. MAC Red - this is one of Eleanor's lipsticks and for her she finds it compliments her face no matter what type of skin day she is having, and as a lover of red lipsticks she loves the fact that this one is long lasting and has a good staying power. She rarely finds herself reapplying throughout the day meaning it is perfect for events like parties but if overdone can be a bit too heavy!

9. Creme Cup - this was the first M.A.C lipstick that I ever bought and it is a light pink nudey colour with blue tones in it. Out of all of my M.A.C lipsticks I have to say this is probably my least favourite as I think the blue undertones don't suit my skin tone, however none the less it is still a lovely lipstick shade for a day to day basis.

Watch our lookbook here:

What are your favourite M.A.C lipsticks?
Any colours you would recommend for me to try out?