Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul/Review!

This post is very much over due and I can't believe it has taken me so long to post it, but I decided to wait a little bit longer so that I could give my honest opinions about the products and make it a haul/review post. A few weeks back, after seeing so many reviews and comments regarding Makeup Revolution, I decided to take the plunge and order myself a few products.

For my first order, I decided to go for their highlighter, baked bronzer, baked blush and 2 lipsticks. The first thing I noticed was how lovely the packaging was, with each of the products costing less than £5, I was super impressed.  The highlighter and the bronzer are also really large (as you can see compared to the blush) which is great because I find sometimes especially highlighters, they can be quite small. My first thoughts led me to be very happy.

If your anything like me, sometimes putting blush and highlighter on in a morning can be time consuming but also quite a lot of effort. The idea of the baked blush really appealed because there is a nice amount of shimmer in it, meaning a sense of highlight but not too much which is absolutely perfect for me. The blush comes in 6 different shades, which I think is a really nice range and there is definitely something to suit everyone. I chose mine in Loved me the Best and costing a only £2.50, you can't really go wrong. It can be worn in a very natural way but also build-able to be a nice strong colour and as you can see, it is very pigmented as well which when paying so little can be a slight issue.

I then bought the baked bronzer and highlighter. Highlighter for me is something I am very marmite about.  I love the idea of how a highlighter looks on people in photos but I am never quite sure how it will look on me and if I can pull it off. Prior to this purchase I had never bought a highlighter because I didn't want to spend a tonne of money on something I was totally unsure about. I chose the colour Golden Lights as I felt for a first time highlighter it was probably the most wearable for me, however there are 3 in total to choose from and costing £3, it seemed like the perfect way for me to try a highlighter. I have to be honest and say I am not mega in love with it, but I think thats more to do with how the product looks on me rather than the product itself, but I am definitely going to give this another try when I go on holiday in just over a week and see how I get on with it then.

The baked bronzer, I think was the product which I was most excited to arrive! (As you can tell from this haul, I am feeling the shimmery products for summer!!) All the bronzers I currently have are quite matte which for winter and more everyday use, I prefer, but recently in the UK the weather has been hotting up and this has been my go to bronzer for the last few weeks with out a doubt! It is so pigmented, so a little really does go a long way (Yes, I made the mistake of putting WAY too much on!) and has the perfect ratio of bronze and shimmer in it. I chose the colour Baked Bronze Rock, but there are are 4 baked bronzer shades to choose from suiting a variety of different skin tones and costing only £4, I was raising the roof when I discovered these!

My final two purchases were these 2 lipsticks. I was after a red lipstick for an event I was attending and the pinky nude colour is my very typical everyday lipstick so I felt I had to pick one up to add to my collection! My red lipstick is in the shade Lady and the pinky colour is in the shade Dusky. For me the colour of Dusky online was much more nude-pink but when it arrived it was quite a lot pinker, and I never wear pink lipsticks so it was definitely one which I passed to my mum (lover of all things pink) and she loves it. The formula was very moisturising which surprised us both considering they only cost £1!! The quality is amazing and I cannot wait now to add more of these to my collection, they certainly give the £16 Mac lipsticks a run for their money!! 

I was really really pleased with these purchases and they all surprised me with the fact that they are such high quality at such a reasonable price! Makeup Revolution keep releasing more and more amazing products which I cannot wait to try out!!

Sorry this post was super rambly - I thought it would be better to make it into a review and haul post as I am a bit late in posting it!

Check out my makeup business with Younique here!

Have you tried any products from Makeup Revolution/did you love them?
What products would you recommend for me to try next?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

June Blogger Faves!

I know I am slightly early on the favourites but what a month June has been!! It has seen the end of my exams, my prom tomorrow (currently smelling strongly of fake tan) and the start of what is going to be a wonderful summer.

Last months 'Blogger Faves' got such a good response, I had to share with you who I was loving this month!!

I love love LOVE being sent links to new blogs and reading new posts, so if you ever want to send me your link, TWEET ME: @thatcurlyygirl!

1. Sophie from Sophie Jane Blogs - I have been chatting to Sophie quite a bit recently on twitter, and she seems so lovely! Her blog is amazing because there is something on there to suit everyone, from book reviews to weekly guest bloggers meaning always something new to set your eyes on!

2. Claire from xclaireabella - she has a totally gorgeous blog and is gorgeous herself, amazing fashion posts that I am in awe of some cheeky beauty posts in there. I could sit and read her blog for hours!

3. Chrissy from Love Like Leave - Gorgeous blog layout (tiny bit jealous), love the posts, they are so readable and super enjoyable and I love new post days from Chrissy!

4. Danica from Dans Average Blog - there are so many different types of posts about her (and I love that because I am nosey!), amazing quality pictures too, a wonderful blog!!

I hope you enjoy this months edition of Blogger Favourites for June! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my faves next month - its great sharing the love for these amazing bloggers! I hope you love them as much as I do!

What bloggers have you been loving this month?
Are there any blogs you think I would enjoy reading?

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Fairy Tale Tag!

I am such a massive Disney fan, I have alarmingly watched Frozen 16 times (DON'T JUDGE ME), so when Sophie from Pretty and Polished tagged me, I had a little party inside! 

Snow White: Do You Consider Yourself Beautiful?

First off, no. I think beautiful is too strong a word but I also don't think beautiful is a permanent thing. When I go out for a meal or an event and I'm wearing my favourite outfit and best makeup, then I would say I feel beautiful but wouldn't consider myself as beautiful.

Sleeping Beauty: How Many Hours Do You Sleep At Night?

Haha, sadly no where near enough - with exams stress meant I didn't sleep enough and now I have a cold so I am not sleeping well either. Probably around 6 hours a night (sad times.)

Cinderella: Do You Have A Curfew?

I've never had a curfew ever. I don't regularly go out late and get drunk or party until the early hours of the morning, but when I do go out its never that late either, so my parents have never had to worry about that. 

Rapunzel: Do You Love Being Outside?

Urmh, I wouldn't go as far to say love but I don't hate it, I love being outside and by the beach (preferably in Spain!), thats my favourite kind of outside but I'm not the lets go for a run type.

Red Riding Hood: Do You Trust Strangers Easily?

Sort of, I am the person who will talk to absolutely anyone but trust takes years so earn in my books but, I guess there is a type of trust because of being willing to talk to people.

Beauty and the Beast: What Makes Someone Beautiful In Your Eyes?

To me beauty is and isn't about looks.  People so its not about the looks its about the personality which to an extent is true but when you see someone in the street, you don't know their personality, you can just see what they look like, so someone who I feel an attraction too to start with and after that, someone who has the ability to make me laugh and is completely and totally loyal.

The Little Mermaid: What Would You Sacrifice For Love?

If someone truly loves you and you truly love them, you shouldn't have to sacrifice anything.

The Frog Prince: What Do You Find Disgusting?

I find feet, BO and self absorbed people disgusting. 

Jack and the Beanstalk: What Plants Do You Have?

I don't have any, I live at home (and do not garden) and off to Uni in September and don't think I will be having any plants there either!

Puss In Boots: Do You Have Pets? If Not, Do You Want Them?

I don't have any pets but I have always wanted guinea pigs called Percy and Penny! I have wanted them for years and years...!

Pinocchio: What's Your Biggest Wish?

For good health for me and my family (and a greedy one of all the beauty products in the world - hehe!)

Peter Pan: What Is Your Mental Age?

Depends who I am with, I have an immature side so probably about 12 and I have a old side where I just want to drink tea and read magazines so probably about 60.

The Snow Queen: Who Is Your Best Friend And What Would You Do For Him/Her?

My best friend Eleanor.  We have known each other for around 5 years and even if I didn't see her for another 5 years we would still be able to meet up and laugh for hours.  I would do absolutely anything for her and I know she would do the same for me too and thats a quality thats irreplaceable  She makes me laugh all the time and anytime I need her she is always there - an absolute gem.

The Princess and the Pea: Are You Sensitive?

I would say yes to others when appropriate but not in terms of what people say to me, I have learnt that everyone has an opinion, the choice is whether to listen to it or not.

The Brave Little Soldier: Do You Consider Yourself Brave?

Absolutely not, I think I put on a brave front as and when I need too but in reality who is?!

I loved doing this post - I guess it means you all know a little bit more about me and my life and makes a change from the usual reads!


Sophie from Sophie Jane Blogs
Caroline from No More Frizzy Hair Days
Danica from Dans Average Blog
Karen from Karen Szilli

Hope you all enjoy doing this tag as much as I did!

What are you all up to this coming week?
Do you love Frozen as much as me?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

End of an Era...Beginning of a better one

Today, saw the end of 7 years of hard work, 4 months of constant stressing and the end of 7 exams which will determine the next phase in my life. 

I find it strange that 7 exams at the end of 7 years will decide for me what happens next, but after weeks and months of stressing, I can finally say it is all done and I am now (as corny as it may sound), FREE.

If you didn't know, I have just finished my A Level exams and I am now welcoming with open arms a long relaxed summer.  This is the reason why I have been SO absent from my blogging life.  I have been putting everything into these exams and blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. 

But now that everything is done, I am now going to be an ex student and full time blogger.  Posts are going to be much more regular and I may even set up a schedule of what you can expect on what days from me, so I will keep you posted on that!  

I have so many blog posts planned that I have been itching to write so expect some exciting new things coming so please bare with me and thank you to all my new and old followers who have just stuck by through my quiet patch. 

That Curly Girl is back and in full swing once again!

Are there any posts you want to see from me?
Anyone interested in being a guest blogger on That Curly Girl?

Friday, 6 June 2014

Custom i-Phone Case | MR NUTCASE

I am the type of girl who loves different phone cases on my i-Phone but somehow the cases are never quite how I want them, quite the right pattern so I end up having about 10 different ones.  But recently all my phone case prayers have been answered by Mr Nutcase.

This amazing website allows you to create your own custom i-Phone case or choose from a variety of pre-made designs on a number of different devices as well as Apple products.  There are 3 case types to choose from depending on what case your after meaning there is something to suit everyone at all ages. 

The cases whether they are personalised or pre-made designs start at £14.95.  When designing your own phone case there are 19 different layouts and designs you can choose from to arrange your pictures just how you want them. 

You then upload them in the positioning that you want them onto the phone case with the option to add text, a main background colour and clipart if so desired on your case. Once you think you are finished designing you can preview the case so you are able to see exactly how it looks, and thats it!

I wanted the perfect vintage patchwork floral phone case and this website allowed me to do this, also for a very reasonable and affordable price! It makes a really unique and special phone case and I think something like this would make a really great present - especially with Fathers Day coming up!!

I ordered my phone case very late on the 2nd June and it arrived yesterday (5th June) which I think is fabulous arrival time as well especially as I designed it myself!

I hope you love my new Custom i-Phone Case as much as I do and if you are interested in purchasing a case from Mr Nutcase for yourself or a friend or family member, you enter the code Thanku10 at the checkout which will give you a very lovely 10% off!!

You can also find Mr Nutcase at:
Facebook - MrNutcase

What do you think of my new phone case?
Will you be buying one - what design will you have?

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