Saturday, 31 May 2014

Makeup Menu #2

So today I experimented with my makeup a bit more than usual (quite daring for me), so I thought I would share what was on my makeup menu today with you all!

Today I am wearing -

Burt Bee's Honey Lip Balm - I use this every morning and every night. It makes lipstick application so nice and smooth and keeps my lip moisturised all day long.

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Light (Intensity 2.0) - I absolutely adore this foundation. It is quite a new purchase of mine so I wanted to wear it for a few weeks before I do a full review!

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer (Light) - This concealer I have spoken about before but it is honestly the best concealer I have ever tried, its not too drying or thick and doesn't crease under my eyes.

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Eye Liner (Black) - For some bizarre reason this is the only liquid eye liner I own, I know your thinking as much as I am what possessed me to buy it?! I think I need to invest in a new one!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder (Warm beige) - I think this is a true blogger favourite being so affordable but such a good product! I use this just to set under my eyes and on my t-zone!

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow (Blonde 21) - I use this to lightly fill in my eye brows and just make them more defined and structured.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (Blonde) - I use this to set the powder I put in my eyebrows, it is completely the wrong colour for me, but the product is fabulous so I just try and blend it to make it work!

Mac Zoom-lash Mascara - I adore this mascara, for more information on it you can read my first impressions here.

Naked Palette 3 - I use the colour Dust which is a pink shimmer just about my winged eyeliner just to add a hint of colour and shimmer to the eyes. I think it looks really lovely doing this.

Estēe Lauder Blusher (Witty Peach) - This is a gorgeous two tone blush going from a yellowy colour through to a peach. This is the most beautiful blush I have ever used and it lasts for a full day (including a trip to the gym) and still looks how it did in the morning when I applied it. I cannot get enough of this blush!

Mac Lipstick (Hot Gossip) - I love this pinky creme-sheen lipstick, it feels so moisturising and just adds a little pop of colour to the lips without being too in your face about it.

And here is my finished look using the products mentioned above. I really like this look and have found myself doing this more and more over the last few weeks!

Whats your go to look at the moment?

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What products have you been enjoying using each day?
Are there any eyeliners you could recommend for me to try?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

And We All Love Lipstick...

I have seen this lipstick tag flying around the blogging world quite a lot recently, and although I haven't been tagged to do this, as a hard core lipstick lover, I thought I would do it anyway! 

Favourite balm and treatment 
I love lip balms. There is no one who can vouch for this anymore than my mum.  I have over 12 Vaseline's so yes slightly addicted to them. My current favourite is the burts bees honey lip balm for before bed and my favourite day time lip balm is Korres wild rose, giving me a slight ready/pink tint.  I have never tried a lip treatment.

Best eye catching red
Call me the worst blogger in history - I do not own a red lipstick. I am not quite sure what is wrong with me but I don't.  BUT do not fear, I am about to make a mac order and there is a red lipstick in my basket. 

Best luxury and best drugstore
I am a huge fan of Estēe Lauder makeup and their lipsticks did not let me down. I love their pure colour envy lipsticks. The formula is so creamy and so long lasting and the packaging is magnetic so the sound it makes when it shuts is incredibly satisfying. For drugstore, I would say Rimmel's Kate Moss range. The formulas are SO long wearing and the colour range is amazing.

Best mac lipstick
I love mac lipsticks, I think much like every other blogger does and I have so many, choosing just one is quite the task. I love their creme-sheen formulas the best as I get quite dry lips, even in the warmer months. My day to day lipstick choice tends to be a nude lipstick so I would  have to say Shy Girl.

Liner - yes or no?
Depends on the day, how I feel and mainly how long I have to get ready. Normally no, as I have quite naturally full lips.

Most disappointing
Generally, I don't have a problem with lip products (hence why I own so many), however I think the Revlon Lip Butters were incredibly over-rated and over priced too. They dried my lips out and I did not like the formula at all. 

Best gloss
I don't wear gloss on a regular basis and I don't like gloss (mainly because of the hair/gloss situation which forever happens to me). My favourite would have to be the ONLY gloss I own as I know no different, which is the Bobbi Brown gloss, its not sticky on the lips and comes in a wide range of colours too.

Something extra 
I have to give a shout-out to the tinted lip balms which are now being brought out by loads of brands.  I thought they would be rubbish and over hyped and bleurgh but for someone who has dry lips but wants long lasting colour (like myself) they are amazing.

I would like to tag a few of my blogger favourites to do this tag as well (an excuse to find more lip products to try!) 

Kim from Kimmartin1

Jess from Jessiedolly
Grace from Onemulberrybag
Charlotte from Theblondeb
Steph from Stephndstuff

Hope you gorgeous girls enjoy doing this tag! 

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Are there any lipsticks you think I should try?
Whats your go to lipstick for everyday wear?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Wow, I can't believe I have made it to 100 followers.  It probably seems like the most insignificant number to anyone with tonnes more followers but I never thought I would get this far, so I am incredibly grateful (and a little shocked)! I have spent so much time trying to make That Curly Girl the best it can be and I have put all my spare time into making it the best it could possibly be and I love it so so much, so I hope as readers that shows!

To celebrate this milestone, I thought I would do a giveaway, it took me quite a while to work out what I wanted to give to the person who would win this.  Finally I decided (thanks to the help of my mum) to giveaway a Mac lipstick of the winners choice. I thought this way it means whoever wins can choose a colour/finish that they really want.

This giveaway is only available for people in the UK mainly because this is my first giveaway - sorry!

A winner will be picked at random and contacted within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.  If they do not reply within 48 hours of that, I will pick another winner.

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Blogger Favourites

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed me since I first started my blog just over 2 months ago! I cannot believe I am not at 100 bloglovin' followers!

So, to say thank you I thought I would share some amazing blogs I came across yesterday on my twitter (@thatcurlyygirl), when I sent out a tweet asking my wonderful blogger friends to send me their blog links. I hope you love them as much as I do!

1. Katy from What Katy Did - from talking on twitter, she seems so so lovely and has an incredible beauty blog with such fabulous posts! I could not stop reading her blog yesterday - I'm in love!

2. Emily from Style Castle - Emily is absolutely gorgeous and has incredible fashion sense (which puts me to absolute shame!) but her blog is so amazing - I am forever going to be checking now for fashion tips!

3. Michelle from Comichellex - such a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous blog featuring fashion and beauty, once you read one of Michelle's posts, you will want to read them all!

4. Katy from Littlemisskaty - Katy's blog is so relatable and I feel like from reading her posts we would get on so well. They are so fun, chatty and every post I read makes me feel happy inside!

5. Tabitha from Tabitha-West - such a cute blog, I absolutely love reading it with beauty hauls, hair tutorials and some amazing tips and tricks too!

I hope you enjoy this new post idea featuring my May Blogger Favourites. I want to do this every month - its great sharing the love for these amazing bloggers! I hope you love them as much as I do!

What bloggers have you been loving this month?
Are there any blogs you think I would enjoy reading?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mac Zoom Lash Mascara | First Impressions

So last weekend it was my 18th birthday, and yesterday my beautiful best friend gave me my present which included the wonderful Zoom Lash Mascara by Mac.  I had really wanted to brave it and try this product for ages so was incredibly excited when I opened it. 

When it comes to mascara's I can be incredibly fussy.  I have found a mascara that I love and have used for nearly 2 years now solidly and have never tried anything different, but this mascara always caught my eye (see what I did there?!). 

Before I comment on this mascara I thought I would see what the Mac website said about it;

they claim this mascara provides: 'Major drama, lasting all day, velvety formula building density and conditioning. Ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash, hugging every curve.  Coats in one stroke from root to tip. No smudging.' 

Today was my first use of this mascara (shown in the picture above) so what I am saying is just my first impressions of the product.  The brush is very soft on the lashes, I have quite sensitive eyes and some brushes can feel very very rough, and the brush really does define each and every lash.  When it comes to curve on the lashes, I wouldn't say it made my lashes look anymore curled than normal, however I would be interested to se how well the product holds the curl if eye lash curlers had been used before hand.  

The brush really does coat lashes in one stroke. This was such a quick and easy mascara to use and took not time at all to apply due to how well the brush applied the product.  The fact that it is designed as a non-smudging mascara made me over the moon - I have incredibly watery/sensitive eyes so throughout the day mascara does smudge on me easily which is why when I find a mascara I like that doesn't do that I don't tend to try others.  I have had this on for 6 hours now, and there has been no smudging *does little dance*, it has been quite warm today as well where I live which normally makes my mascara smudge more.

So far, I am incredibly impressed with this product.  I would say it does virtually all the things it advertises and priced at a reasonable £14 as well.  As I said, these are only my first impressions on day one of using the product, however if I continue to love this product as much as I do now, it could be taking the No.1 spot in the mascara world!!  

Have you tried this mascara before/what are your thoughts?
Are there any mascaras you would recommend for me to try?

*ignore my eyebrows in the picture above - I have curly hair so they can be very temperamental. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

5 Product Makeup Tag!

After seeing Naomi from Naomi's Beauty Buzz do this challenge, I thought it seemed like a good challenge to do especially on those days filled with early starts!

 I thought I would include a before makeup picture so you can see the before and after shot! As you can see, I have quite problematic skin so therefore I have a strict skincare regime to help with that - let me know if you would like to see a blog post on what I use and how I use it!

 These are my top must have 5 products at the moment:

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup (Alabaster 27) - I love this foundation.  It is oil free so won't irritate any blemishes I have and also has moisturising properties which help with my dry patches meaning the foundation doesn't cling to my skin at all.  If your skin is like mine, this would be the perfect foundation!

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer (Light 01) - I consider this my heavy duty will cover all concealer.  It covers redness, dark circles, scarring and hyper-pigmentation.  I don't think there is anything it won't cover.  It doesn't crease or dry out the skin, just comfortably sits and doesn't budge all day.  Its especially fabulous for me as I don't powder areas of my skin due to the dryness and it still lasts all day and doesn't budge!

Liz Earle Lash Definition Smudge-proof Mascara (Brown 02) - This mascara is the best waterproof/smudge-proof mascara I have ever tried (and I have tried many!).  My eyes can become very irritated meaning they water and some waterproof mascaras feel uncomfortable, but this one is so gentle and also an absolute dream to remove at the end of the day.

Estēe Lauder Pure Colour Blush (Witty Peach 21) - The picture doesn't show it as well as it could, but this blush is a gorgeous pink at one end gradually moving to a lighter peach at the other side.  Its perfect for that rosy glow, with a slight highlight as well due to the light colour.  Its so beautiful and incredibly natural on!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish (32) -  This is an orange nude colour which is perfect when you want a slight pop of colour but nothing to daring on a day to day basis! Its incredibly creamy and long lasting! Rimmel are one of my favourite brands for lipsticks!

 And here is the finished look - I think its a nice natural, glowy everyday look and one of my favourites to just throw on!

What would your 5 makeup products be?
Would you be interested in seeing my skincare routine?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Harper's Bazaar | May Birchbox

First of all lovely ladies, I need to say a massive sorry for my lack of posts! I really have been a rubbish blogger!! Its that time of year where final exams are approaching and stress levels are running high and sadly, my blog has had to take a bit of a back seat....but I am slowly getting back to it so please stick with me!

After that massive, onto todays post...the May Birchbox! I subscribed to Birchbox because I wanted to be able to try a wide variety of products without always buying full size products as it can be incredibly expensive, (as I am sure you all know!)

May's Birchbox was collaborated with Harper's Bazaar which are all designed to prepare for a 'season's worth of outdoor adventures'!

Included in this months box was 4 sample sized products and 1 full sized product.

Benefit - They're Real! Mascara Sample | £19.50.  This was an amazing product for me to have in this box, its my favourite mascara and this summer I have a number of trips away planned so its the perfect size to pop into my suitcase! 

Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil Sample | £39. This isn't something I would normally use in my bath or shower, but I am very excited to give this a try.  It says it is a blend of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry which softens the skin and uplifts the mood! After a long tiring day, this sounds like the perfect unwind, so I am very excited to see what this is like!

Beauty Protector - Protect & Shampoo | Protect & Condition Sample | £14 each.  This is said to be sulphate - free with a strengthening formula which nourishes and protects strands.  In terms of shampoo's and conditioners, I am very difficult to please with have such unruly curly hair and I am always quite skeptical to try new haircare when I have found products which suit my hair type, these may be products I give to my mum, but if she likes them, I will be sure to get her opinions on here for you!

Liz Earle Beauty Co. - Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Sample | From £13.25.  When I saw this product in my box, I was over the moon, this is a staple in my skincare routine and I use it everyday! Its a perfect travel size again, rather than having to take the full size product.  I cannot say enough good things about this product! (Be sure to let me know if you want a full review!)

Soigné - Nail Lacquer Full Size | £11.  This is a non-toxic polish in the most perfect colour for me ever (which is why it has its own picture!).  It is a red/orange colour which is my all time favourite colour and looks amazing on the nails.  I am so excited to try this and it is most certainly the most fabulous colour for spring and summer coming up! 

For my first ever Birchbox, I have to say I am over the moon with the products I have received, the packaging and I now cannot wait for next months treats!

If your interested in Birchbox you can subscribe monthly to them here. For the month of May, Birchbox are also offering free shipping, meaning it just costs £10! Being able to try all those gorgeous products for £10 a month is the perfect solution for me!

Do you have a monthly beauty box?
Does this tempt you to sign up to Birchbox?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Throwback Thursday...on a Friday?!

Firstly I should say sorry for my lack of posts recently, I have been battling with revision everyday and time has been running away with me. Also my second apology, is that yesterday I wrote this post, a lovely Throwback Thursday for you all, and forgot to post it! So I am breaking all of the Throwback Thursday rules and posting it on a Friday!

This picture is of me and two of my very dear friends at Christmas 2013.  Whilst at 6th Form, we have over the last two years formed a trio where we sing a variety of different types of songs just for enjoyment but also performances.  They are the most wonderful, kind, hilarious and as you can see beautiful girls, and as 6th form is coming rapidly to an end I figured appreciation to some amazing memories was necessary.

I promise you all my postings will be much more regular now I have got back into the swing of things and again, I am very sorry for the lack of posts and rule breakings I have been doing!


What memories do you have from 6th form/school/college?

What posts would you like to see from me next?